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Elizabeth Reapy


5th February, 2014



Kenneth Duffy - "The Road Was Our Page"
Patrick Gleeson - "A Cowardly Heart Just After Midnight"
Martin Burke - "B."
Margaret Cahill - "I Sleep With The Lights On"
Stephen Totterdell - "It's a Filthy Habit"




Orla Fay - "Beneath Dusky Starry Magenta"
Faye Boland - "All I Want for Christmas"
Sarah O'Connor - "Pillow-Talk"
Caleb Brennan - "First Glance"
Daniel Ryan - "Chinaski & I "




Maeve O'Sullivan - "Self Portrait as Citrus Trio"
Michael McDonald - "Coke Floats"
Bonnie Tsang - "My Old Self"
James Conor Patterson - "Becoming an American"
Phil Lynch - "My Wife Thinks I’m at a Poetry Reading"

Aoibheann McCann - "Funeral Arrangements"
Eoin Devereux - "@Wilde"
Trisha McKinney - "Three Sisters "